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Music Class for Toddlers

When I tell people that we've started bringing Charlotte to music class (she is 18-months-old), a lot of people ask... "and what do they do at that age in music class?" So I'm here to tell you - I love it for her! This class is specifically for children under about 4-years-old, with Tenn Little… Continue reading Music Class for Toddlers


Pumpkin First Birthday Party

As a fall baby myself, I have been smitten with the idea of my daughter's future birthday parties ever since I found out she would be born in October. Someday, I know there will be apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, costumes, and haunted houses. But for her first birthday party, which was pretty much just our… Continue reading Pumpkin First Birthday Party

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The Nightingale {Book Review}

It's possible that Fridays are about to become book review days. I have been inhaling stories lately - really just remembering and rediscovering my love for reading. And after finishing The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah, I am SO moved. Check it out on AmazonLinks are affiliate links. I would categorize this book as historical fiction.… Continue reading The Nightingale {Book Review}


How My Daughter Sees Me

Having a daughter has made me love myself more. It's a bold statement, I know. And like many people, I feel I'm on a constant journey for self-growth and self-approval. A journey that ebbs and flows. AND YET... I look at her and only see beauty. She looks at me and only sees beauty. How… Continue reading How My Daughter Sees Me

Mmm...Food..., Work It Out

Fixate Banana Apple Muffins

I borrowed this sweet little recipe from Laurie Yogi, to make a bit of a "treat" on the current meal plan I'm following. If you also happen to be following the Fixate container plan (with 21 Day Fix, 80 Day Obsession, or a plethora of other programs from Beachbody) then you might enjoy this too… Continue reading Fixate Banana Apple Muffins