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Just For Fun {MM Likes}

So, it's fall...which is my favorite.  Here's a few fun fall finds I've seen around the internet world lately. I love a s'more as much as the next girl, but I LOVE non-sticky fingers...It's a "S'more To Love" S'more maker!! And I would love to make these pumpkin cupcakes from I AM BAKER... AND even… Continue reading Just For Fun {MM Likes}

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Statement Pieces

Is it possible to need jewelry?  Maybe, maybe not.  But all I know is that there are some things in the world that make my heart flutter, and certain jewelry pieces fall among those items.  I'm a pretty simple jewelry wearer--most days, it's just one of my silver necklaces, earings, watch, and rings.  Nothing very… Continue reading Statement Pieces

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Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts

So I found another book I want, to add to the list of many books I want... All I know is that my beautiful and talented friend Julia has the knitting-version of this book, and she makes amazing things.  I like knitting, but don't have her natural knack for it.  HOWEVER, I have really been… Continue reading Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts

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Top Blogging Books Roundup

UPDATE: My mom is the best, and the other day "10 Things You Need To Eat" and "The Happiness Project" appeared in my mailbox!!!  I will write reviews as soon as I finish them 🙂 In the last 1 1/2 years, as I've entered the blogosphere as a writer and reader, I have stumbled on… Continue reading Top Blogging Books Roundup

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{Megster Meter} Likes

Today is more of a "favorites friday" than a "fun friday."  Well...it's fun for me, so I guess that counts.  I think it's about that time again to name our five favorite things out there in blogworld again...Katy?  Ashley?  Kate?  Anyone up for a favorites challenge? 1. Clothbound Pride and Prejudice from Anthropologie.  it. is.… Continue reading {Megster Meter} Likes

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Letterpress AT HOME!!!!

Ok world (aka parental unit) THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! Do I know how to letterpress?  No. But do I LOVE all things letterpress?  YES!!!! And they have now made it possible for little old me to letterpress at home!  Does that not make your heart SKIP a beat?  It does mine!! Thank… Continue reading Letterpress AT HOME!!!!

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Some smiles.

I know I usually post funny things on Fridays, but today's "fun friday" is just a few things that made me smile this week, for various reasons. I splurged and ordered these file folders!  Are the beautiful or what?  I am going to have a new office soon, after all... Maybe I should get these… Continue reading Some smiles.