12 in 2012, Traveling Chick

Traveling on the Cheap

Well, Jonathan and I have just returned from a very successful week-long trip to the Pacific Northwest! We spent two nights in Portland, two in Seattle, and two in Vancouver - then we went back down to Seattle for our last night before heading to the airport in the morning. We had a great time,… Continue reading Traveling on the Cheap

Life As I Know It

Weekend Relaxation

Well folks, it's the weekend and the weather seems to have taken a turn for the best!  Hooray!!!  I don't generally post on weekends but I stumbled on this amazing article from New York Magazine this week that I just had to share.  It's called "50 Steps to Simple Happiness."  It is completely worth a full… Continue reading Weekend Relaxation

Life As I Know It

How do you deal with stress?

I have recently been re-introduced to my old friend stress.  With a class that is intensely split over only three weekends in a row, I have quickly begun to feel the pressures of school all come back to me.  I am good at time management and generally keeping my cool, but my inner tension is… Continue reading How do you deal with stress?