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Thanksgiving Table 2014

For real though, setting the table for a holiday is my FAVORITE THING. Even more than baking the wonderful holiday treats. I kept it pretty simple┬álast year, with a burlap runner and pumpkins. This year really wasn't too different, except that I found a new pretty table runner and pumpkin candle centerpiece at Home Goods.… Continue reading Thanksgiving Table 2014


Pecan Pie {And Other Thanksgiving Deliciousness}

I suppose it's kind of unfair for me to post dessert pictures after issuing the 21-day challenge, but forgive me...because this pie was delicious. Save up your calories, and make it for Christmas! I completely stole this recipe for Chocolate Pecan Pie from none other than Paula Deen herself, so please do not be shocked… Continue reading Pecan Pie {And Other Thanksgiving Deliciousness}

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The Thanksgiving Table

I admit, I set the table before my in-laws even got into town for the weekend. And I LIKED it. It's true. So of course, I need to share some photos with you. I broke out our new china, and while I realize that I did not necessarily set it "properly," I set it "prettily."… Continue reading The Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

I am not sure if napkin rings are really still a "thing" or not, but I couldn't find any I liked over the weekend. SO, who needs 'em? Using a little twine and lace, I tied up my new gold-accented napkins with a little love. I can't wait to finish setting the table for Thanksgiving,… Continue reading Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

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A Southern Thanksgiving

I did not grow up in the south. My Thanksgiving in Wisconsin was always very straightforward, as we midwesterners tend to be: turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, and pies. Many pies. So for the last two Thanksgivings, I have stayed in Nashville and learned about the overwhelmingly awesome variety… Continue reading A Southern Thanksgiving