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Beachaven Winery {Clarksville, TN}

Last weekend, we took a little afternoon adventure up to Beachaven Winery in Clarksville. Since Ms. Katy is moving back to Atlanta soon, she wanted to knock this off her 101 in 1001 list. It was a sweet little winery, and they gave us a tour of the process, along with plenty of taste testing.… Continue reading Beachaven Winery {Clarksville, TN}

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Ruby Falls

The Boyfriend and I headed to Chattanooga and Atlanta last weekend, and one of our adventures was checking out Ruby Falls. It was a fun trip way down under ground, full of rock formations and skinny pathways. After making our way through, we found THE FALL ITSELF! Back-lit with a variety of colors, it's a… Continue reading Ruby Falls

Life As I Know It

On The Bright Side…We ARE Nashville.

I know that this has already had oodles of media coverage, but I just can't help but write more about the flooding here in Nashville.  Let's talk about some positive developments that have come up since Monday. We are finally receiving some national attention: the president has declared us a disaster area, which means we… Continue reading On The Bright Side…We ARE Nashville.

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Praying for Nashville

It's been sort of a crazy 2010 so far here in Nashville.  In January/February we had way more snow and ice than we know how to handle.  And now this weekend, we've had record breaking rains and devestating floods.  It's already the wettest May in history, and it's only May 3. {photo via The Tennessean}… Continue reading Praying for Nashville