Going Clear: HBO’s Documentary on Scientology

Over the weekend, we had a free HBO/Showtime/Starz promotion with Direct TV, and you know what that means… record, record, record. We do indeed now have The Truman Show, Contact, and The Shining on our DVR list. You’re welcome.


We also recorded the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. We all know that HBO documentaries are top notch, and in fact this one is on pace to be HBO’s second-most-watched documentary. It has been seen by over 5.5 million people, second only to Beyonce which has been viewed by over 9 million people. Can’t compete with that, that’s for sure.

For many of us, including myself, scientology has been this non-Christian, mysterious, crazy sounding cult. I’ve never paid all that much attention to it, but I do remember when more information came out about the “levels” and how the whole thing was made up by one crazy man, and it’s all based on aliens and overlords and crazy CRAZY stuff like that. And I was all like, “woah that’s ridiculous. Who would fall for that?”

But you guys, this FILM. It’s chock-full of former scientology leaders who have since left the church and are truly, for the first time, being honest about the horrific and twisted methods and ideas that scientology is based on. They ALL talked about brain washing. They all talked about fear. They all talked about how ashamed they are now to look back at how much time they spent in it. I, for one, am so grateful they were willing to share their stories. I think the more that the truth comes out, the more people might be saved from potentially landing in the same situation.

If you have HBO (or your friend’s, brother’s, girlfriend’s, cousin does, and you have his password), I highly encourage you to watch this. You will be blown away by this cult. After watching, my husband and I talked about how sad it is that THIS is considered a “religion,” and that this monstrosity will make some people think that this is representative of all religion. Let me just say right here it is NOT. Religion, faith, belief can be SO BEAUTIFUL, and it is such a shame that a corrupt organization like this will likely turn people away from other, wonderful faith lives.

If you want to know a few details of the HBO, this Glamour article covers a few of the highlights. Again, highly encourage you to watch it, and remember that this is NOT how all “religions” work. Christian faith is a beautiful, loving family, and it hurts my heart to see people in pain the way they exhibited in this documentary.