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Cap City Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon

So remember that one time that I ran a half marathon and I hated training but I loved race day? And I said I’d never do another and then I said maybe I would do another? Well I decided probably I will never do another. For real. But over the weekend I DID complete a Quarter Marathon, which is about 6.6 miles. And for the record, it is MORE than a 10K…it’s like a 10.5K. Or something. Whatever, it was long and plenty of running for me. If I could occasionally challenge myself to a 10K OR quarter marathon, I will feel like a real athlete. Kind of.

Okay so anyway, the race. It was the Cap City Half Marathon / Quarter Marathon / 5K. It was a PERFECT day. Cool at the start but sunny and warm by the end. The race was well organized and a fun route. The announcer at the start line was full of energy, reminding us of “The Golden Beverage of Beer that awaits you at the finish!” Here is a quick photo recap of our race experience:

Overall, I completed the race in 1 hour 12 minutes. And I didn’t walk! I mean, some of that last half mile was a pace so slow it was basically walking, but many millions of thanks to Kelsey who stuck by the whole way and kept me running. I have been training, but running is just SO BORING when you’re alone. So on my longer Saturday runs through my neighborhood, I would often stop to walk because a) running is hard, and again b) running is boring. So I was pleasantly surprised by what my body was capable of. I did not feel fabulous at the finish, but hey, I pushed myself! Go me!

Anyway, if you need a fun race to do in Central Ohio, definitely check this one out next year. Maybe I will see you there!

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Barefoot Republic Camp

I grew up in a bubble. A white, Midwestern, Christian, middle-class bubble. I had an amazing childhood, and am making (from what I can tell) many good choices for my life.

But when I went to college, I realized the enormousness of this bubble. Nothing wrong with the bubble…it’s just…who wants to be unaware of the world around them? This awakening, so to speak, led me to spend two of my college summers working (and living) at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. I learned about diversity, culture, love, poverty, joy, and strengthened my faith. The days were long, but oh how those summers flew by.

As I mentioned yesterday, and as some of you may already know, I have a friend (hey, Candace!) who works full time for Barefoot Republic Camp. Barefoot is a Christ-centered multicultural camp — as far as they know, the only camp in the country that combines these qualities. Kids from varying ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds come together in one place. And something very special happens at Barefoot. A kid with a three-piece monogram luggage set and a kid with a trash bag learn that they have commonalities. The campers learn and play in one-week sessions, as they take classes in performing and visiual arts and sports, and they spend time together, forming friendships and learning about Christ.

Barefoot offers full scholarships to kids who cannot afford to attend. A scholarship for one week costs $350. Several other runners and myself have each committed to raising $1000 for Barefoot scholarships as we train for the Music City Marathon (well, half marathon) in Nashville on April 30. As of the moment I’m writing this, I’m at $941 $991…so close! Truly, I’d love to aim higher than this mark — so many of my friends, family, and well, you guys, have the capacity to toss in $10 towards an opportunity that a lot of kids cannot afford. If you’d like to give, please visit Run Barefoot, and designate your gift to runner #11. I can’t tell you what it would mean to me!

I’ve seen how popping a bubble can make a big (and I mean HUGE) difference in someone’s life — I feel that our generation is one in particular that understands the importance of loving others through intentional relationships. Here’s to popping bubbles before the college years.

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#64: Run a 5K without walking

I have crossed off #64: Run a 5K without walking. Sure, it took several weeks of 6 am runs (which I intend to continue) but it was totally worth it. Last weekend Boyfriend, Roomate K, and I ran at Ellie’s Run for Africa. If you’ve never heard of Ellie’s Run, definitely check it out. It is such an awesome fund raiser for schools and children in Africa, and it was inspired by an 11-year-old girl five years ago (Ellie, now 16). And yes, we ran the whole entire thing no walking! And sure, we may have paced around an eleven-minute mile, but you have to start somewhere.  Check out some pictures from race day (Thanks K!):

Pre-race roomies in pinks:


And pre-race relationship-ies:




Daily Notes, Life As I Know It

How to get your boot-ay off the couch (right now!)

Sometimes, I feel like it is more my nature to settle into the couch than into a workout routine. But I never regret it when I get myself moving. Lately, I’ve been gearing up for a 5k, and I feel so much better about myself. For those of you like me who have a hard time getting started, you absolutely need to check out this post: Nine Tips to Keep Yourself Exercising over on The Happiness Project. It’s from a while back, but I use it for encouragement all the time and thought you might enjoy it too!

My favorite two tips:

Always exercise on a Monday: This will always get you in a good habit to start the week. If you don’t go on Monday, your chances of going later in the week are much lower. Plus, we all need a morning boost to get us through our M-days.

Never skip exercising three days in a row: I know that if I skip Wednesday, and I skip Thursday, I CANNOT skip Friday. And if I do, I can consider myself officially out of a routine. The more days I skip, the less likely I get back into my routine.


So go get ’em! Do something good for your body and your mind!! Happy Summer!

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