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Happiness Hobbies

I've decided that baking is my number two happiness hobby, second only to being on a stage. I think sewing, puzzles, and reading would follow, in that order. A happiness hobby, defined by me, is simply a hobby that brings you joy regardless of how productive or useful or helpful to others it may be. Maybe… Continue reading Happiness Hobbies

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Glass Ornament Decorating

This weekend, my 6th-grader little sister and I had an ultimate baking and crafting day. The first project on the agenda was decorating glass ball ornaments for her family members. She did a great job with paint pens and stuffing them with tinsel. We finished them off by tying ribbon through the tops. Here is… Continue reading Glass Ornament Decorating

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Travel Adventures Project {Part Two}

I shared the first steps of this project with you over here, and now I've finished it up! Using good ol' tacky glue (let it be known that hot glue doesn't work on glass + cork), I glued my map as well as my little header to my glass frame. Then I just printed some… Continue reading Travel Adventures Project {Part Two}

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Travel Adventures Project {Part one}

For months now, I have been eyeing this cork adventure map. This weekend, I finally got a start on it! Every good project begins with a picture frame out of the 80's. Thanks for this, dad. Purchases for this project included white and blue paint, a few paint brushes, and a roll of cork. First,… Continue reading Travel Adventures Project {Part one}