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Puzzle Me This

This winter, I have been determined to keep more busy and less mopey throughout the miserable season. I’m pulling out some old tricks – putzing on the piano, reading, candles, social events, and one of my favorites:

I’ve always, ALWAYS loved puzzles. I would do them while we watched football. I would stay up late working on them. I would wake up extra early before school to work on one. I would fall asleep thinking about my puzzle. I loved them all – jigsaw, 3D, logic, you name it. I have always, always, always LOVED puzzles.

I might even have a small pinterest board with puzzles I want. Judge me. Do it.

So why, I asked myself, have I not done one in a few years?! Preposterous, if you ask me.

A couple weeks ago, I finally dumped one out on our dining room table. It didn’t take long before the hubby joined in too. ย I mean, two people can only watch so much Netflix (she says on the day that the third season of House of Cards is released…)

In case you care, here is our great work in three phases! Isn’t it pretty?? Time for a new one, I think…

Creative Crafting

Scrabble Family Decor

photo 3

My most recent favorite, 10-minute project. Seriously, so quick and sweet!! I loooooove it! #nerdalert

So if you want to make your own, here’s what you need:

  • Scrabble letters (check ebay, etsy, etc to find a bag of letters)
  • Chalkboard contact paper OR chalkboard paint OR a roll of magnet backing OR paint
  • Glue
  • Frame

photo 1

I wanted to use what I had already at the house, and that included a roll of magnet backing. I cut a rectangle of it to cover the glass of a frame I had sitting in my basement. Easy as pie. Then I simply glued my letters on, and voila!

Seriously, the hardest part about this project was deciding how I wanted to arrange all of our names… After that, the rest was simple! Even you can do it – I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes

Wedding Craftings

As many of you probably could have guessed, I am making a few homemade projects for our wedding (less than four months away!!). So I spent a good chunk of this last weekend trying to finish a few projects. Some turned out relatively well, while others…are sort of imperfect. But imperfect is okay, right? Meanwhile, our house is covered in burlap, my fingernails covered in paint, and our kitchen covered in wine bottles.

One thing I took a chance on and really like is this chalkboard contact paper:


I will say it doesn’t feel like chalkboard (as you probably could have guessed) but for all intents and purposes, seems to work just fine. Not to mention it’s a lotย more tidyย than trying to use chalkboard paint! I made a few small chalkboards out of pictures frames with this stuff. Since I really only need to write on them one time, I will likely use a white pen or white chalk pen rather than real chalk, so I have no idea how this paper would handle real chalk. It was easy to work with, and I expect to start labeling everything in our pantry with it very soon…

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes

Tile Coasters {DIY}

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve seen this project before. But I still have to share this cheap, easy project with you. I bought six tiles for 16 cents each at Home Depot. Then all it took was a few paper squares and mod podge to make these little coasters. OH, and I also bought some little felt circles for the bottoms.

Here’s what you need:

And here is how quickly you have some pretty little coasters!

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes

Canvas Art {DIY}

This weekend, I finished a little canvas project I’ve been brewing up. I wanted to create something new for the living room wall, and these two canvases were part of that effort. It was really quite simple – I painted the two canvases gold, stuck on acrylic letters and cheap paper doilies, and gave it a good solid spray paint. There are so many variations you could do with something like this…

I’m pretty happy with the results! The edges of the doilies were impossible to lay flat, so that resulted in a little bit of a fuzzy edge, but I still think that it’s pretty! This is a favorite verse of mine, and I thought it would be a good reminder right in the middle of the wall.

Here are a few visuals of the project for you!