I’ve only made mallows a few times, but they are always such a hit! Not to mention that they go so well with hot chocolate…or dipped in chocolate…or whatever other creative way you can think to use them!


This year, I made a fresh batch for my new coworkers, and then paired them with homemade hot chocolate mix and a candy cane, as you can see above.. Maybe one of these days I’ll share my mom’s homemade cocoa recipe…but for now, use your favorite cocoa to copy these sweet gifts!

I use Ina Garten’s very simple marshmallow recipe. Make sure you have a candy thermometer! If you’ve go that, then it’s a piece of cake…or marshmallow… Enjoy!



Daily Notes, Mmm...Food...

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Marshmallows

Chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallows. Or, in the words of Carli, “the best thing we’ve EVER made!!” Seriously, these were so delicious. Carli made her go-to mallow recipe, with some pureed strawberries for a little delicious twist. Then I arrived to help slice, dice, and dip.

Don’t worry, we didn’t let many scraps go to waste.

We found that using a large heart-shaped cookie cutter worked best. Because they were so thick, a small one just looked silly.

Just love them. It’s okay.

SO YUMMY!!!! Love them, it’s okay. I know I do.

Daily Notes, Mmm...Food...

Homemade Heart Shaped Marshmallows

Yeah this happened.  What is it, you ask?

Oh, it’s just a giant, pink, heart-shaped marshmallow.  No big deal.

Another Carli & Me endeavor.  I honestly can’t even remember which recipe we used…Maybe Alton Brown’s.  Most recipes are pretty much the same.  It’s getting creative with flavors, colors, and sprinkles that made this so fun.  For your viewing pleasure, here is our exciting process…

Boiling sugar at extreme temperatures…

And whipping at high speeds…

Until it goes from clear:

To white fluffy goodness.

And then we transformed it into PINK fluffy goodness.

A thorough layer of pink sprinkles is absolutely key.

The Big Flip:

What?  You don’t want just one giant heart-shaped marshmallow?  Ok then…let’s cut it up.

A little dunk in some powdered sugar and sprinkles, and VOILA!

Are they not the cutest things you ever saw??

Maybe we should package them too!!!

A little double sided tape…

Cute little packages!