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Big News {The Time We Moved Back to Nashville}

I realized that I have started many blog posts over the years with “big news” or “good news” or “exciting news” so I’m going to start adding subtitles. Hence, today’s Big News: The Time We Moved Back To Nashville.

The most recent (and final) big event is that I have happily accepted an exciting job offer. In just a few short weeks, I will start in my new role as Director of Development for the Make A Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee. This is a bittersweet announcement, as some of you know, due to the fact that I absolutely love my job and my coworkers at Ohio State. Going to work every day with a team that works so hard but yet is so fun to be around has opened my eyes to what “work” can really be. As sad as I am to say goodbye, I really hope I can take what I’ve learned here and help make the MAW Foundation a fun and meaningful place to work for myself and my colleagues.


I say this is the most recent bit of news, because in case you haven’t been paying attention, here’s how the summer has gone down.

  1. My hubs got an awesome job, after graduating with his Masters from Ohio State, working as a Transportation Planner with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. This is basically exactly the type of work he had hoped for. FOR THE WIN.
  2. Not long after, we bought a house. It needs love. It’s torn to pieces at the moment. It’s stressful. But we are doing it – we have an ADDRESS.
  3. Now, after several months of living apart from my husband, I got a job! A job I am excited about!!

All of this about 2 1/2 years after A DIFFERENT “BIG NEWS” POST about the OTHER biggest change in our lives. But seriously – WHERE DOES ALL THE TIME GO?!

It is truly yet another reminder of how God has His hands in everything. I worry, I doubt, just like the rest of us, but as soon as I take a step back and say, “I don’t need to be in control of this – God’s got this,” everything seems to come together a little more easily and with a lot more grace.

Columbus Adventures


Now that I’ve completed my two-week incubation period in Columbus, I feel ready to reconnect with my blogging world and give you a few life updates! I’m currently subletting a bedroom in this cute little house until June 13, when I can finally move in to the house that Jonathan and I will rent together when we are married! I’m very ready to get settled in, but in the meantime, I’ve really enjoyed living in an actual home in an actual neighborhood while getting settled in, rather than an extended stay or other hotel option.


So far, I’ve really loved my work at Ohio State. I’m still very much diving in, but it’s been so fun to learn about the many art buildings and programs both on campus and in the Columbus community. One of the coolest ones, I think, is the Urban Arts Space (part of the Urban Arts Initiative), located in downtown Columbus. It’s a space where Ohio State art students, faculty, and other area artists can collaborate and display work. For art students, there is nothing like being able to put your work on display.


Urban Arts Space is just one of many ways that the art programs at OSU have been interlaced with the art community in Ohio. I’ll be sure to share more about my experiences with you soon!


Life As I Know It

Job Interviews in a Crummy Economy

Jobs are hard to come by right now, but you could argue that securing an interview is the most crucial and difficult part of the process. Unless you can literally hand your resume to someone, the chances of it being read by the right people are slim to none.

I have only been a full-time-working-girl for just shy of four years now, so I know that I am hardly wise enough to give real job advice, but I’m going to do it anyway. I mean…when you have 200+ people applying for an assistant level job, you MUST have the basics down to have any hope at all.

  1. Keep your resume tidy and only ONE PAGE IN LENGTH. This is pretty self-explanatory. Just make it happen, okay?
  2. Show up to your interview on time…and don’t RESCHEDULE THE DAY BEFORE?! If you find yourself in the very FORTUNATE position of having a job interview, once it’s set, do not reschedule it unless there is an emergency. Wanting to leave town on a Friday afternoon is not an emergency. Do not email your potential employer at 3 pm the day before your interview to see if you could meet tomorrow morning instead of tomorrow afternoon. Just DON’T. When I interviewed last summer for my current position, I had shingles. As in, the disease you thought only old people could get. I was wretched. But I still put on makeup and did my hair and wore a suit and I showed up. oh, AND I got the job. There is really just about no excuse I can think of for rescheduling an interview once it is set, other than perhaps a big family emergency.
  3. Suck. It. Up. You may need to humble yourself and apply for jobs you absolutely do not want. If this is your case, you cannot tell your interviewers “I just really need a job. I’ve been on SO MANY INTERVIEWS.” Instantly, your interviewer thinks…okay, so none of them hired you, and you obviously don’t care that much about this specific job so…why should I hire you? Just own the fact that you might have to do something unglamorous for a little while, and make the most of it.
  4. Be Prepared. Every interview is different, but you can always expect to be asked: What are your strengths/weaknesses? Why do you want this job? Why are you leaving your current position? What do you enjoy and not enjoy in your current position? These are staples. You should have answers.

That’s it. That’s my basic get-a-job advice for today. Hang in there, and go to any networking event you can find. Meet people. Make them know who you are. You will get to where you want to be eventually!

Life As I Know It

{Re}Defining Yourself

I know I promised you a finished project today, but sorry…it’s not quite done!

Instead I want to tell you about a breakfast I went to recently with Jon Acuff and a fun bunch of people from the Nashville Area. If you don’t know about the book Quitter by Jon Acuff, you must check it out. The long story short of it is: how do you work your passion into your life? If there is something you love to do, but meanwhile you are trekking through a day job or other committments, how do you begin the journey of making your passion a more prominent part of your life? How do you close that gap between your day job and your dream job?

We met for breakfast early one rainy Friday morning, and while there were many great take aways, one thought has popped into my head over and over since that morning. As we went around and discussed our dreams and journeys, Jon made this statement (more or less): How do you define yourself? For example, I might say “I’m a fundraiser,” because that’s the job I do. And while I really love my job, I don’t consider it a passion the same way I consider baking and sewing and photography and general creativity as my passions – the activities that truly bring me the most joy.

So do I really define myself as a fundraiser? Dare I say I’m a baker, when really I only get to bake on occassion these days? Or a seamstress, even though I’ve only made one dress to date? Or a photographer, even though I’ve only had a handful of sessions?

What is the answer when people ask, “So, Megster, what do you do?”

101 in 1001, Life As I Know It

New Job Day!

Today is New Job Day. Woo! I will officially park somewhere new, sit somewhere new, see new people, and learn new things. I am so incredibly thrilled to be moving forward! My new job will allow me to see many sides of the development world and to interact with the university’s uppercrust. Cheers to offices in the main administration building!! Sorry for all the exclamation points in this post but I am SO EXCITED!!!!

And for your viewing pleasure, here is baby Freshman Meghan just five years ago…and standing in front of the building I will now be working in! Who knew? And please no comments on the fashion choices. I am aware.

move in day 007

move in day 002

Now YOU get excited to start seeing some pictures from New York tomorrow!

Life As I Know It, Wistfully Whimsical Wishlist

Wait, when is summer break again?

As I have been working since May, my body is itching for a break…considering it’s been about 9 months, I would say specifically summer break.  Three months of a completely different lifestyle?  Yeah, I could go for that.  I was told the other day that the school to work adjustment sometimes takes 2-3 years.  Ugh.  I cannot wait 2-3 years.  Some days I wake up and desperately do not want to be working 8-5.  Other days, I want to spend 8-5 studying and writing in a bookstore, coffee shop, or my front porch.  Mostly though, I think I am longing for something to be passionate about during my 8-5.  I think a little excitement might make those 40 hours even just a little better than they already are.  That, and a nice long summer break.

Speaking of summer, I am in love with these swimsuits from Victoria Secret (I know, I  know, but I promise they’re not skanky…) that I discovered via Oh Joy!


One in sunny summer yellow, and one in bright ruby red.  Maybe in 10 pounds…