Thoughts in the Faith

Good Friday in the Gospels: HOPE

My God, My God...Why have you forsaken me? -Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34 It's a mournful day, so it always seemed odd to call it "good." But I get it - without this day, without HIS SACRIFICE, none of us would have the hope and the future that we do. Without this day, there is no… Continue reading Good Friday in the Gospels: HOPE

Life As I Know It

On The Bright Side…We ARE Nashville.

I know that this has already had oodles of media coverage, but I just can't help but write more about the flooding here in Nashville.  Let's talk about some positive developments that have come up since Monday. We are finally receiving some national attention: the president has declared us a disaster area, which means we… Continue reading On The Bright Side…We ARE Nashville.

Life As I Know It, Thoughts in the Faith

Ash Wednesday

I must admit that some years, I make a much bigger deal out of Lent than other years.  It is meant to be a time of sacrifice and repentance, honoring the 4o days Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness.  Many years I've given up sweets or soda.  Some years I haven't given up anything, too caught up… Continue reading Ash Wednesday

Thoughts in the Faith

Giving your life to Jesus

I hear that phrase a lot: "I've given my life to Jesus." It can be found especially frequently in the stories of those who have risen out of dire circumstances, and become admirable citizens of life.  They have flipped their lives around, committing to goodness and hope.  I love hearing these stories and drawing inspiration… Continue reading Giving your life to Jesus