#4: Make a Dress

I’ve completed my first dress! I definitely made several mistakes, and learned a lot along the way, but I think this is the best way to get better at it. All in all, even though it’s not perfect, I really love the end result! It’s a light corduroy material, so this will be a great dress for a southern fall. The pattern is Butterick 5639, for those of you who like it. What do you think? Success? I love crossing another item off the list!

Here is the front:

And the back:

Dress in Progress

Yesterday was a very exciting day. I spent the afternoon at Julia‘s house, working on a new sewing project. I’m finally making a dress, which has been on my 101 list. I was so excited to finally really understand how dress patterns work, and I’m making progress!

It’s nearly finished, so hopefully by next weekend I can show you my finished project. Meanwhile, check out these shots of the process!

(sorry for the extensive use of exclamation points. it just feels right!(!!!!))

my pattern is cut and ready to go…

Pretty fabric. It’s anthropologie-esque, no?

Little Black Dress of Perfection

Back in December when I was on a shopping adventure/mission to White House Black Market to find the PERFECT NYE dress, I found this amazing black dress. I LOVED it on. But when it came to the perfect party dress, I went with the full tulle skirt and big pink flower.

Yet, ever since, I have kept my eye out for this dress online and in stores, to no avail. And then YESTERDAY, as if a little Valentine angel joined forces with God and WHBM, an email appeared in my priority inbox… Not only is the dress AVAILABLE, but it’s ON FREAKING SALE!

Just saying. Do I need another black dress? Not really. Do I need to spend the money? Um, no. But is it PERFECTION?? Yes. And it looks even better on a girl with currrrrrves than this skinny model chick. I’m sure she’s nice and all but…gross.

Anyway, I love this dress and I’m having a moral debate about ordering it, especially since I already know exactly what size I need AND I EVEN OWN THOSE SHOES.

My First Dress

Well, I took my first baby step towards making a dress this weekend — I cut out the pattern that I bought way back in the spring with Juju.  My measurements fall amongst a few sizes, so I have no idea if the dress I make will actually fit or not…but if it’s too small, maybe that can be my extra motivation to stick to my healthy eating.

Anyway, next step will be to pin it to the fabric and keep on cutting.  Any advice from any of you more seasoned sewers out there?

Crafting Monday: Dress Decor

Can we please talk about this most adorable decoration?  I found this How To: DIY Dress Decor originally through Craftzine, and man, do I love it!  They suggest it as something to perk up a child’s room, but I am pretty sure these will be on the walls of my future crafting room.  They are too adorable to pass up!