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Dress in Progress

Yesterday was a very exciting day. I spent the afternoon at Julia's house, working on a new sewing project. I'm finally making a dress, which has been on my 101 list. I was so excited to finally really understand how dress patterns work, and I'm making progress! It's nearly finished, so hopefully by next weekend… Continue reading Dress in Progress

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Little Black Dress of Perfection

Back in December when I was on a shopping adventure/mission to White House Black Market to find the PERFECT NYE dress, I found this amazing black dress. I LOVED it on. But when it came to the perfect party dress, I went with the full tulle skirt and big pink flower. Yet, ever since, I… Continue reading Little Black Dress of Perfection

Creative Crafting, Daily Notes, Wistfully Whimsical Wishlist

Crafting Monday: Dress Decor

Can we please talk about this most adorable decoration?  I found this How To: DIY Dress Decor originally through Craftzine, and man, do I love it!  They suggest it as something to perk up a child's room, but I am pretty sure these will be on the walls of my future crafting room.  They are too… Continue reading Crafting Monday: Dress Decor