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Personal Pizzas {Girls’ Night}

So, this isn't rocket science. And really, it's not even a recipe. But I just have to suggest that if you need an easy, inexpensive meal for 2-10 people, you should go with personal pizzas. For our recent girls' night (for 7) we did just this. I bought three packages of whole wheat pizza dough… Continue reading Personal Pizzas {Girls’ Night}

Daily Notes, Mmm...Food...

Cooking Demonstration at The American Club

While home in Wisconsin last weekend, I went to a lovely little cooking demo at The American Club with my mom and two of her friends. The theme was: "Party Food for Entertaining the Masses." As you may recall, last week was my mom's birthday! This weekend was an all-around birthday celebration. Mom's the one… Continue reading Cooking Demonstration at The American Club

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Top Blogging Books Roundup

UPDATE: My mom is the best, and the other day "10 Things You Need To Eat" and "The Happiness Project" appeared in my mailbox!!!  I will write reviews as soon as I finish them 🙂 In the last 1 1/2 years, as I've entered the blogosphere as a writer and reader, I have stumbled on… Continue reading Top Blogging Books Roundup

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Some smiles.

I know I usually post funny things on Fridays, but today's "fun friday" is just a few things that made me smile this week, for various reasons. I splurged and ordered these file folders!  Are the beautiful or what?  I am going to have a new office soon, after all... Maybe I should get these… Continue reading Some smiles.