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The 614 Studio

Yes, I know, we've all done a million of these "wine and paint" classes. But still, I do really, truly enjoy these now and then. So when The Ohio State Alumni Association recently sponsored this class at the brand-new-better-than-whole-foods Giant Eagle Market District, I was totally in. The 614 Studio is a traveling version of… Continue reading The 614 Studio

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Classic Steakhouse Cooking Class {Viking}

Last Christmas, my mom gifted Jonathan and I with a very generous gift card the Viking, so that we could enjoy a cooking class together! We browsed their courses many times, and finally settled on a menu that seemed like something we would both enjoy: A Classic Steakhouse Menu. We made bacon-wrapped filet mignon, crab… Continue reading Classic Steakhouse Cooking Class {Viking}

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Gleeful Follwership

Twice during the semester, we are required to post a blog on our class blog for Leadership Theory.  This week, it was time for one of mine.  Just thought I'd share it here too! Gleeful Followership This is officially your opportunity to admit to the world how much you love ABC's new show "Glee." No?… Continue reading Gleeful Follwership

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How do you deal with stress?

I have recently been re-introduced to my old friend stress.  With a class that is intensely split over only three weekends in a row, I have quickly begun to feel the pressures of school all come back to me.  I am good at time management and generally keeping my cool, but my inner tension is… Continue reading How do you deal with stress?