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The 614 Studio

Yes, I know, we’ve all done a million of these “wine and paint” classes. But still, I do really, truly enjoy these now and then. So when The Ohio State Alumni Association recently sponsored this class at the brand-new-better-than-whole-foods Giant Eagle Market District, I was totally in. The 614 Studio is a traveling version of these wine and paint studios, which is sort of cool since you can book them to host a party anywhere. And I really liked all the girls working with them!

Me and Tareya, rocking both the painting, and the wine-ing.
Me and Tareya, rocking both the painting, and the wine-ing.

What were we painting? Well, the Shoe, obviously. What else? And yes, the outline was sketched out ahead of time. VERY smart, if you ask me.

And here is the almost finished version of mine…I think it turned out pretty okay!

Not too shabby.
Not too shabby.
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Classic Steakhouse Cooking Class {Viking}

Last Christmas, my mom gifted Jonathan and I with a very generous gift card the Viking, so that we could enjoy a cooking class together!


We browsed their courses many times, and finally settled on a menu that seemed like something we would both enjoy: A Classic Steakhouse Menu. We made bacon-wrapped filet mignon, crab stuffed mushrooms, double baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, iceberg wedges with homemade blue cheese dressing, and we even attempted bernaise sauce, but it was a big fat fail…who knew it was so hard!

Here are a few iPhone photos for you to enjoy…



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Gleeful Follwership

Twice during the semester, we are required to post a blog on our class blog for Leadership Theory.  This week, it was time for one of mine.  Just thought I’d share it here too!

Gleeful Followership


This is officially your opportunity to admit to the world how much you love ABC’s new show “Glee.” No? Just me? Well, you’re missing out. And as I’ve watched the characters develop over the first few episodes, styles of followership have become evident. Each eccentric character of the high school glee club fits right into one of Robert Kelley’s followership patterns: Tina, a yes person; Rachel, an effective follower; Finn, an effective follower; Kurt, an effective follower; Artie, a sheep; and Mercedes, a very active survivor. I could write a ton on each person’s traits that make them a certain type of follower and/or leader, but instead I would like to focus on the choice of followership.

Still early in the season, Rachel has already decided the leadership (Mr. Schuester) wasn’t good enough, got him to leave the group, tried to bring in someone else who failed, and then she happily resigned back into her followership role, allowing Mr. Schuester to take back over the club. She tried something, it failed, and then she made the choice to follow Mr. Schuester’s lead, while still acting in many ways as a leader for the other students in the group.

Rachel is potentially a very effective follower, but as Kelley writes, “some potentially effective followers derive motivation from ambition. By proving themselves in the follower’s role, they hope to win the confidence of peers and superiors and move up the corporate ladder. These people do not see followership as attractive in itself.” This accurately describes Rachel’s constant fluctuation between being an effective follower, and her tendency to quit when she can’t be in charge. There are many times throughout the show that she chooses to follow effectively. Followership is a choice. Each student in the Glee Club has chosen to be a part of something larger than them, and to take the lead of others.

But if we assume that followership is a choice, which I believe it is, what are the circumstances that persuade us to choose what type of follower we will be? Must you try something, like Rachel did, and fail before you are willing to be a follower? Or is there a moment when you weigh the pros and cons of being a follower and you decide what type you’ll be? And finally, is it possible for us to create a general definition for what these moments might look like, or is it unique for every individual in every circumstance?


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How do you deal with stress?

I have recently been re-introduced to my old friend stress.  With a class that is intensely split over only three weekends in a row, I have quickly begun to feel the pressures of school all come back to me.  I am good at time management and generally keeping my cool, but my inner tension is just painful.

Today, I went for a run, got to work on time, have day laid out well.  But I had an unexpected email from my professor regarding the “assignment” for tomorrow.  She had made it sound like a short, simple, quick submission of ideas for our final project.  The email she sent, however, is a sample of a complete and well organized project proposal.  This means cancelling tonight’s plans to make sure I get it done well,  on top of continually studying for the test she is giving us Friday.  Ugh.

I’m not meaning to complain–it’s all great and interesting and I’d probably be 100% content if I wasn’t stuck at work all day instead of at home, firing this out.  But I am where I am.  So how do you deal with the stress of knowing there are things you need to get done, but you can’t do them right now?  How do I take those things out of my head until the appropriate time?