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Current Fitness & Nutrition {Beachbody}

I would like to take a minute and be a bit vulnerable here, sharing some of my health journey over the last several years. Let me start by saying that I am just about the same as every other woman in her 30s – I have tried different diets and workout plans over the years, enjoyed many of them, but ultimately haven’t followed through with most. Weight watchers, paleo / Whole30, calorie counting – they all have their benefits, and I truly believe that whatever “system” you will stick with WILL work for you.

Before having a baby, my weight ebbed and flowed with the same 10-20 lbs, up and down. I had a healthy pregnancy and delivery, but it took me a while to get back to a healthy routine. Around nine months postpartum, I signed up for Beachbody, and using 21 Day Fix and the Portion Fix nutrition plan, I started to get back into some good habits.

April 2018 vs. May 2019

These pictures are about one year apart – the first from a wedding I was in around 6-months post-partum, and the second from a baby shower I just went to this weekend. Seeing pictures from this wedding made me feel really ready to make more of an effort. Nothing wrong with the version on the left, but I knew I needed to feel better.

Even after joining Beachbody in August 2018, I was pretty up and down for a while. It was a really good reminder of how challenging it is to get on track in the first place! But overall, I slowly started seeing my clothes fitting better again. And as of writing this, I have a few pounds to go to get to my pre-baby weight (and then, we will talk about the next goals).

However, I can honestly say it is not JUST about weight – it is about how my clothes fit, how I feel about myself, how I am able to play with my kiddo, how she SEES me taking care of myself, and how I am able to have enough energy to get through regular ol’ life. I want to be the best wife, mother, and employee I can be by truly TAKING CARE OF MYSELF. Figuring out this balance is a challenge, and a journey, but it is a journey I am happy to be on.

I am sharing all of this today because today (June 3) I am diving into my next phase of this journey in a few ways. First of all, I recently signed up to be a “coach” in part to hold myself even more accountable, and in part so that I could help cheer on anyone else who wants to join me. Second of all, today I start an intensive “nutrition study” of sorts that involves a deeper dive into how nutrition really works with our bodies. It has homework! I am so excited! And third, today is Day 1 of my next workout program, called LIIFT4, which will last eight weeks. I am sharing this with you now because I hope to have a few updates for you throughout the summer on how all of this is going.

If you have made it this far, CONGRATS and thank you. Just writing this helps me hold myself more accountable for my goals, and I appreciate you coming along on the journey! And of course, let’s help each other – let me know if you want more information on how to join me!

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  1. Ok I might need to jump on this general goal with you. I have definitely not had giving birth type of changes but after barre ended a couple months ago and our schedule being crazy with moving and still unpacking, I just cannot get back into a good routine. I don’t think I’m ready to go full on like this but there is a youtube channel of videos I’ve been wanting to try in addition to running again (I’ve been doing 2 really short runs a week for a couple weeks). Let’s chat soon!!

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