The Mothers In My Life

Happy day-after-Mother’s-Day to everyone out there!

Now that I’m quite solidly into my 30s, I’ve found I have lady friends across the entire spectrum of motherhood. Those who long for it but are single. Those who long for it but have suffered miscarriages. Those who already have three or four. Those who are in the adoption process. Those who have chosen not to have their own children.

It also really makes me think about the moms in my life – my mom of course (adopted), my stepmom (of 22 years), my mother-in-law (of 6 years!), and always, my birth-mother (see past posts on my adoption here, here, and here). They have all made such a huge impact on my journey, and now that I’m a mom too, I appreciate their love and sacrifices even more.

To all of the amazing women in my life, no matter where you are on the journey of motherhood in its many shapes and sizes, THANK YOU. Thank you for your friendships, your love, your compassion, your joy. You all are amazing and I am overwhelmed just thinking of each of you. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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