Nashville Life

Tennessee State Museum {Nashville}

Recently, a brand new Tennessee State Museum opened here in Nashville! Growing up as a local, my husband frequently visited the old state museum, and we even went on our lunch hours occasionally to walk around. His love of history – especially TENNESSEE history – adds an extra level of joy to the whole experience.

So last weekend, we took Charlotte to check out the new space! Let me start by saying the whole place was SO well done – the exhibits were beautiful. We did sort of do a “speed race” through them because when the stroller stops, the wiggles start.

As a parent of a toddler though, the best part was the HUGE children’s room. They still plan to add more interactive exhibits here, but right now it has books, blocks, magnets, and story time. Our little one loved roaming across the Tennessee map painted on the floor, and my husband loved telling her about different places in Tennessee.

It was a sweet weekend, and I highly recommend it! It’s free, kid-friendly, and extremely well done!

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