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Dream Catcher {DIY}

Did anyone else make dream catchers in middle school, or was that just a Wisconsin / mid-western thing? I know I went through an obsession much like I did with friendship bracelets, and to be honest, the skill sets overlap quite a bit.

I recently made this sweet dream catcher for Charlotte’s room, in hopes of warding off any bad dreams. Maybe it’s the fact that I hung it over her crib, or the fact that I know sprinkle multiple pacifiers in her bed each night, but either way – she’s been sleeping better lately, I swear!

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What you’ll need to make your own:


1. Wrap your hoop with your ribbon or leather of choice, leaving enough at the end to hang your finished product from.

2. Tie one end of your sinew to a starting point on the hoop. It is a little difficult to describe in words, but you need to loop your sinew around the hoop to make your initial knots. If you made friendship bracelets, you may remember making a “4” shape – this is similar. (If you are a perfectionist (I am not… sorry!), you may want to measure the spacing between each new knot to ensure even spacing of your webbing. You can also just eyeball it.)

3. Once your first round is complete, you repeat the process by tying your sinew to the center of each previous section. You continue to work your way around, keeping each section as tight as possible. Along the way, you can add pearls or any other decorations.

4. When you get to the end, you just make a tiny knot and cut the end off. the beauty of using sinew is that it is slightly sticky and makes good, strong knots.

5. Finally, tie on ribbons, feathers, flowers…anything you want to make it your own!

There are so many examples of gorgeous dreamcatchers out there. Click around in Pinterest and get inspired!

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