April Ab Challenge

Oh gosh you guys! I wrote this yesterday and never hit publish…woops! Well here is a one-day-late April challenge for you…

I keep a “workouts” folder in my Dropbox where, over the years, I’ve thrown random workout plans, challenges, and PDFs. Occasionally, I look through it. And the other day I rediscovered this little 30-day challenge, and I was all like, hey April is 30 days! And THEN I was all like, hey maybe my blog readers want to do this with me?

So here we are. I’m not promising I will actually accomplish all these but hey, I’m gonna try! I’m also trying to guilt my hubby into doing it with me by taping it to the wall. I plan to put an “M” next to each one I do so he can see my awesomeness and want to be like me. Right, honey? 😉

Anyway, here you go! Do this with me in April, and I’ll give you a big high five in 30 days!

30 Days of Abs

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