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A New Car {Adulthood is Real}

Oh man, you guys. This was a real burst of adulthood.

Over the weekend, I let go of the car that I have seriously loved SO MUCH. Given to me by my dad and stepmom back in 2006, this car schlepped me EVERYWHERE. I moved in and out of dorms with it. I drove all around the country in it. I moved furniture for friends. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I really really loved this 1

But the poor thing just could not handle the winter this year. We had hoped to make it last until at least this summer, but frankly, it just wasn’t cost effective any more. At this point we would have had to put nearly $2,000 into it to REALLY fix everything, and that would only last so long. So instead, we caved this weekend and traded it in for a new car lease. Let me just say, I had NO idea how loooooong the car leasing/buying process is. We were there for five hours!!

As SAD as I am to say goodbye to one car, I’m already really loving having a new car. It’s odd to be lower to the ground, but for the next three years, it works perfectly for me. I only drive a short distance to and from work each day, and leasing seemed like a great option. Who knows where will be or what our family will look like in three years…at that time, we can regroup! Seems like I’m a real adult now…

photo 4

So here it is, our new Hyundai Elantra SE, with all the bells and whistles. It’s sleek. It’s new. It’s got all the amenities I love in the cars I’ve rented but missed in my own car.

photo 3


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