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BLT Paleo Style


These do not need much explaining. And let me say I also had this with some baked sweet potato slices, and that a larabar may have also been involved. While these may have benefited from a bit of homemade paleo mayo, I don’t eat may often enough to warrant making a batch. So I went plain-jane on these, and it was JUST FINE.

photo 2

My best advice if you are trying to change your lifestyle habits is to not overthink it. Sometimes, I do want to try more complex, difficult recipes, and so in those times, I do that. But for the most part, I don’t want Whole30 or Paleo eating to feel like a chore. So I try to keep it simple most nights. Meat. Veggies. Some sweet potatoes. Some avocados. It’s really not too complicated if you don’t let it be!

And p.s., Romaine works great like this for any sandwich you’ve been craving. Load it up with turkey, veggies, sauces…whatever! They also make great “taco shells.” You’ll quickly realize that you have all the flavors you love, even without the bread. PLUS you will feel better about eating it, too.

Happy huntint!


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