Health, Work It Out

Body Talk

I work part-time at Banana Republic for a little extra spending money, and I’ve noticed a common trend among our customers, particularly of the female variety:

It doesn’t matter what age, size, or color a woman is, she inevitably stands in front of the dressing room mirror and me, her friendly stranger sales associate, and openly bashes her body.


Now, here’s the thing. I think most people, including myself, know that any sales associate in a store like banana is a) legitimately there to help you find cute clothes, b) has some sense of fashion and how the clothes should fit, and c) will definitely make you feel better about yourself. But why is part c true? Because we all do a pretty darn good job of making ourselves feel TERRIBLE about ourselves. Pretty much anything anyone else says is guaranteed to be better than the mean stuff you tell yourself.

And I mean it. I stand there and look at these women and think, “I would love to look like that at her age!” and “I wish I had a tan like that right now!” and a plethora of other thoughts. Yet they stand there scruitinizing every inch, when in fact I sincerely think she looks great. And I realize, of course, I do the exact same thing to myself. We ALL do it, and WHY?

Are you familiar with the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty? It’s been going on for a while now, so I’m sure you know of it. This is just my friendly reminder to you that we all need to find ways to love ourselves, including our bodies, right where we are at. Yes, we should try to be healthy and do good things for our bodies, but it’s most important to love them. Cheesy as it sounds, we are all beautiful, because God made us and He doesn’t mess things up!

Be strong today. Be nice to yourself. Take care of yourself.

Happy Wednesday!

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