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I know I’ve posted before about our trips to Green Bay, but every time I go, it still feels special. My husband and I are now three for three – we’ve known each other for three football seasons, and made it to a game at Lambeau each year.IMG_1849

This was definitely the coldest one we’ve been to, and also probably the saddest. Rodgers is out, and frankly, the team didn’t look too hot. BUT, regardless, we had a great time.IMG_1836

I think part of what I love so much about going to Green Bay is that Lambeau literally sits in the middle of a 1950s northern Wisconsin town. Many of the single-family homes surrounding the stadium are humble, and look as out of place next to the stadium as David next to Goliath. In this panoramic photo I took, you can sort of see the stadium in the background and some of the homes in the street in front of us.


Thanks to my dad and stepmom for being willing to sacrifice some of their tickets each year. We love it!! I think my pops likes having me around, too.


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