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Frozen Treats and Eats {Cleaner Eating}

Summer just screams at you sometimes… “buy me ice cream! buy me fro yo!!”

Honestly, frozen treats are not my largest weakness by any means, but lately I’ve found myself buying “healthier” frozen treats, like these weight watchers latte bars.

photo (2)

They are DELICIOUS. And yes, they are a lot lower cal than your average ice cream, but still…look at that ingredient list…on top of things I don’t recognize, there are corn syrup AND sugar. Seems a little unnecessary…


I’m not saying I will never eat ice cream again, by any means, but I just can’t buy this stuff any more. When it’s in the house, I literally eat one every night. This just simply can’t be good. So this week, I gave up processed frozen treats. Along with that, I’m letting go of frozen meals, pizzas, and all those types of quick, preservative-filled food options. One thing at a time, people. One thing at a time.

My cleaner eating:
1. No coffee, soda, or caffeine of any kind.
2. No processed, frozen treats or meals with unpronounceable ingredients.

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