Life As I Know It, Picture Taking Time

Hashtag Wedding {#JMrussell}

One of the best decisions we made was to encourage our friends to post instagram pictures with a specific hashtag. It was SO much fun for Jonathan and me to look through them all the next morning, before any other pictures had hit the social media world. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a smattering of our favorites!

tag_jmrussell_1372545324 tag_jmrussell_1372546149 tag_jmrussell_1372548377 tag_jmrussell_1372548722 tag_jmrussell_1372551775 tag_jmrussell_1372551969 tag_jmrussell_1372552322 tag_jmrussell_1372552591 tag_jmrussell_1372552629 tag_jmrussell_1372554004 tag_jmrussell_1372555658 tag_jmrussell_1372556646 tag_jmrussell_1372559402 tag_jmrussell_1372559570 tag_jmrussell_1372562353 tag_jmrussell_1372562420 tag_jmrussell_1372567150 tag_jmrussell_1372572512 tag_jmrussell_1372599673 tag_jmrussell_1372621817

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