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Burlap Runners & Painted Wine Bottles {DIY}


These are two of my other favorite projects. I don’t have a lot of photos of them…frankly when you are on your hands and knees cutting burlap, and covered in white spray paint, you just don’t feel much like taking photos. BUT thankfully my friends did capture a few shots of my hard work.

The burlap runners were simply 12″ wide strips of burlap, each about 20 feet long. The end of each was tied with a small piece of twine, and stuck with a little bunch of baby’s breath. I think they turned out just right!

The spray painted bottles were simply collected from my fabulous wine-drinking friends, and then I peeled of the labels and spray painted them white. Actually, to be honest, my father-in-law spray painted most of them because he is a pro. There were about three on each long table, with poofs of baby’s breath in them. Again, exactly how I pictured it!


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