Life As I Know It

End of an Era

I can hardly believe today is my last day working for Vanderbilt (for now, anyway!). I’m about ten days shy of my five-year anniversary, and so many things have happened in those five years! I’ve held three positions, the first of which was just down the hall from the office I’ll be leaving today. I’ve learned so much from so many people not just about development, but about professionalism, responsibility, work ethic, and drive. I could not have imagined a better first five years out of college.

I even started this blog a few months after beginning my job! Wowzers. And then I got bored but thought I was being deep. So then I was in a musical. And then I went to grad school, and got my second job, which was less boring than the first. And then I got my third job, which was even better than the first two,ย and I was so thrilled to have an office with a door that I decorated it. And then I finished grad school.

And now, we are on to the next big thing. Can’t wait to keep sharing things with you from Columbus, Ohio! Get ready for a whole new chapter of Megster Meter. Much will be the same, I’m sure, but I will also share with you the ups and downs of a new city, new job, new marriage, new home, and all the new and exciting things on the horizon. See you soon!

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