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Budget Nerd App

I’ve always been a little nerdy about my budget – I like to know where all of my money goes each month, and how much I will be able to save. Jonathan has been the same way, so now that we are working towards combining our budgets and sharing our expenses, we have to work together (no more flying solo!) to figure out the best way to manage our funds.

So we found a great free app! I highly recommend it, and wish I had been using it all these years. We are able to link it together, so whether I spend on groceries or he spends on groceries, we can log them and know exactly where we are at for the month. It’s great!

The app is called HomeBudget. The app is $4.99, but we actually use the “lite” version for free, and it is plenty for what we need. I stole a couple of screen shots from the app site to share with you:

mzl_jovnbcuk_320x480-75mzl_roosvtrf_320x480-75Pretty cool, right? So if you are a budget nerd like me, I highly recommend you check it out. It even has pie charts!! Who doesn’t love a good pie chart?

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