Thank You via Etsy

I love Etsy. And I LOVE a good thank you note. I just don’t think you can ever say think you enough for the small and large blessings that come your way, whether from a friend, family member, or random-person-who-is-a-blessing-in-your-life.

So it only makes sense that there are a number of sweet thank you cards out on Etsy that I would love to share with you. I just think they are such lovely little pieces of sweetness! Please click on the photos to link to the cards.

This one is for my lovely grammar-nuts out there, especially you English teachers…

And this is just about the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen at a wedding reception. What a fabulous and lovely idea!

And because no one, including myself, can get enough kraft paper in their lives these days, this simple embossed invite is sublime.

Finally, a reminder that a thank you note can also come on simply personalized stationary. I love these popsicle notes…

When we truly do something kind, and we really mean it, we rarely expect a thank you. However, whenever I receive a thank you note, I am always so appreciative! In fact, they should really make “thank you for the adorable thank you card” cards. Agreed?

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