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More Canvas Art {DIY}

So, to go along with this recent canvas project, I wanted to make some fun geometric canvases to hang on my wall. Now, I think they turned out neat BUT… 1) they were much more red, white, and blue looking than I had intended (I was going more for gold, navy and maroon…fail), and 2) they were just TOO much along side the other canvases I already made.

I mean, glad to know the tape trick works, but these would be better suited for another room, in other colors, another time.

Canvases cost money, and I had no intention of wasting these guys. SO per Julia’s suggestion, and also to match the wreath on my front door, I covered them in burlap with just a little lace and felt detail…

And I finally got them hung up! Thoughts? Do you like?

I also had some other hanging to do over the weekend, and I used the old newspaper hanging trick. I’m serious, if you haven’t used this to hang things on your walls, you MUST. You can nail right into the paper, and then rip it off. No more awkward spacings and crooked pictures!

With my roomie moving out over the weekend, I had to find some ways to re-nest into my home. Making a few projects and hanging a few pictures really helped me feel more settled in!

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