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East Nashville Beer Festival

It’s true – my friends and I all enjoy a good beer festival. On Saturday, Jonathan and I attended the Second Annual East Nashville Beer Fest, along with our friend Justin. Tickets sold out within an hour the day they went on sale, and we were actually too slow to get them – we thought we wouldn’t get to go! Then good ol’ yazoo went and had a competition for a Yazoo + East Nash Beer Fest t-shirt design. Whoever designed the winning shirt could get a couple of free tix. And who would’ve ever guessed it but…I won!

Jonathan and I got in for free (otherwise $40 each) and each got a tshirt as well, and each got a shirt for free (which they were selling for $20 along with a glass and a drawstring bag). So all in all, we got a $120 day for free! That’s a win, folks.

The winning shirt :


Hands down the coolest brewers:

A couple of goofs:

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