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Hanging a Frame {great little trick}

So I actually picked up this great trick from Kate Schmate a while back, and now I finally used it! I’m sure you remember my fun little adventure map. I’ve been procrastinating hanging it up because I’m always intimidated by hanging things in the right spot at the right angles. I HATE it! Thanks though to this trick, I hung my project up in no more than 15 minutes, no joke.

All you need is some newspaper, tape, scissors, a marker, and your nails. And probably a level, especially if crooked things bother you.

Take your frame and trace it onto your newspaper, then cut it out of the paper. Use your marker to mark the two spots where your nails would go. Then, tape the paper to your wall exactly where you want your picture to be. You can then nail right through your paper, then rip it away after, so you know you have them right where you want them.

And voila! It is straight! It is centered (or strategically NOT centered – BLAM)!

I am so happy to finally have it on my wall. Now I need to work on switching out some of the other pictures I’ve got up there to make them just as fun…

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