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Counted Cross Stitching

I’m a dork, and I know it, and I own it. My latest project is really a flashback to childhood. My grandmother and I used to do all sorts of sewing projects, and I started really loving counted cross stitch in particular. However, it’s not something I ever really do – most kits at Michaels and other crafting stores are just silly little patterns of flowers or rainbows or something like that. I might like stitching it…but then what do you do with it?

So I got really excited when I discovered that the Spirit of Nashville store has created a few cross stitch kits for their images. You may recognize this one…What I love about this project is that when I’m done, I could actually put it in a frame in my office or house somewhere. So yes, I’m a dork for liking cross stitching, but it’s just a great way to keep your hands busy on the road and at home!

2 thoughts on “Counted Cross Stitching”

  1. I love this. I plan to steal your idea and spend my spring break on the couch cross stitching…now who’s a dork? 🙂


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