101 in 1001, Life As I Know It

101 in 1001: La Fin

I can hardly believe that the end of my 101 in 1001 list has arrived. Today is my 26th birthday. 1001 days ago I posted a list of 101 goals. Small, large, and everything in between. I’m even proud to say that a lot of good blogging pals have followed suit and created 101 lists…I love reading the results and updates of their adventures!

When I used to think about writing this post (because trust me, I’ve thought about it), I thought I would provide an explanation to you, my few readers, on why I did not accomplish the handful of unfinished items (of which there are 13). But when it came to really write it, I realized that I actually LEARNED something during this process. Who would have guessed?

Yes, I’m still biting my fingers. I haven’t bought a house, and I haven’t gone to Europe or the beach. I haven’t memorized many songs on the piano, or gotten off my family phone or car insurance plans (almost done with grad school!!). But I have lived an EXTREMELY full life in the last 1001 days. And while I’ve gotten to share many great things with you through my 101 list, like shows and quilts and 4ths of July and a portfolio, there have been many other non-101 milestones that have made these last three years so great.

I mean, I met this guy.

I landed in a dream job (with a view), which I never could have fathomed at the time I wrote the list. I then decked out my new office:

I chaperoned ski trips (two!) and even learned to ski.

I finished a half marathon.

I made these adorable cake pops with Lu (YES it’s a milestone).

I got stuck in Guatemala for two weeks. But we found the Jesus chair during our week of aimless wandering, so it was alright.

And there were so many non-milestone moments. Times with friends. Bottles of wine. Tears. Giggling. Dates. Dancing. Small group. Family adventures. Weddings. Travels to new cities, and loved cities. New friends, rekindled friends, lost friends.

All this to say, the lesson I learned is that life is full if you let yourself live it. While I certainly LOVE lists, it’s going off the lists and outside the boxes that make life so great.

And life is, in fact, GREAT.

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