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A watch

I have a watch which I adore. It was my mother’s when she was young, and she gave it to me a couple years ago. It’s dainty, and an antique-silver color. I wind it every day, and last year when it broke, I paid what I had to in order to be sure it was repaired well. I love this watch, and while I’m sure it was not unique when it was first on sale, I love that it feels one-of-a-kind to me.

Last night, a new girl joined our church small group. Sometime during the night, I noticed that she had the exact same watch, but in gold. I couldn’t believe it, and was (nerd alert) even excited to ask her about it at the end of the night! And when I did, her face lit up – it was her great-grandmother’s, and she couldn’t believe I had the same one either. We guffawed a bit at the odds.

I’m sharing this with you because for me, it was a subtle reminder. Our group spent last night talking about whether we turn to God or away from God during our toughest times. A common theme among the group has been that when we feel isolated, and when we feel like we are the only ones suffering, it can be tough to imagine that other people have been through the same experiences, and therefore tough to turn to others and/or to God.

And while I know that God created us each as individuals, in his image, we are so quick to forget that we are really all the same at the root of it – we all have needs, struggles, joys, and worries.  It is in our similarities that we can find the hope that God has promised us – that we are never alone, in any situation. And, just like our watches, we aren’t unique, and that can be a wonderful, hopeful thought to hold onto.

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