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Painting Projects

Before moving on with my office touch ups, I had to make / upcycle a few pieces. In my office, there is a yellow wall. As you know, I have already hung a blue and white curtain. So now, we are sticking with the blue theme. With me so far?

Here’s what I’ve bought:
2 mirrors from Goodwill (one for $5 and one for $10).
2 12×12 canvases
1 can of blue spray paint
1 roll of tape

That’s it! I already owned four cheap picture frames as well. They stood no chance against the spray paint.

Step 1: Tape everything up…lots of tape, lots of paper.

For the canvases, I taped a few strategic lines out.

Step 2: Spray away.

Step 3: Remove the tape!

Not too shabby, I’d say! Next step will be decorating my office with my new blue pieces.

2 thoughts on “Painting Projects”

    1. It’s SO okay! You can do so many different things with this basic idea – use multiple colors, different sized tapes and canvases, etc. Keep an eye out for old picture frames too – you could tape parts of that too! Please post pics of what you end up doing ๐Ÿ™‚


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