Daily Notes

Happy Happy Friday!

It has been, admittedly, a bit of a long week. My lovely Valentine’s day seems like a year ago, somehow!

Work has been a little hot and cold.  I’ve planned a last minute weekend trip to Wisconsin for a family funeral. I had a random mini-bout of tears (whoever really knows why with me). I’m ready for a night off and a really solid laugh.

And speaking of laughter, as most of you know, I’ve probably watched this video 100 times by now. I’m actually a little shocked at myself for not having posted about it yet. But it STILL MAKES ME LAUGH!! As in, I still literally giggle with pure delight every single time I watch it. If you some how missed this during the superbowl, all over the news, all over twitter, all over facebook, or all over my conversations, here is THE FORCE for your Friday entertainment.

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