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Little Black Dress of Perfection

Back in December when I was on a shopping adventure/mission to White House Black Market to find the PERFECT NYE dress, I found this amazing black dress. I LOVED it on. But when it came to the perfect party dress, I went with the full tulle skirt and big pink flower.

Yet, ever since, I have kept my eye out for this dress online and in stores, to no avail. And then YESTERDAY, as if a little Valentine angel joined forces with God and WHBM, an email appeared in my priority inbox… Not only is the dress AVAILABLE, but it’s ON FREAKING SALE!

Just saying. Do I need another black dress? Not really. Do I need to spend the money? Um, no. But is it PERFECTION?? Yes. And it looks even better on a girl with currrrrrves than this skinny model chick. I’m sure she’s nice and all but…gross.

Anyway, I love this dress and I’m having a moral debate about ordering it, especially since I already know exactly what size I need AND I EVEN OWN THOSE SHOES.

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