Life As I Know It

Old & New

It’s been a big year for electronic upgrades for me.

My Dell turned six years old, so I let it go for a new mac.

My ipod turned seven years old on my 25th birthday.

My flip phone, though only three years old, was several months overdue for an upgrade.

I even started using twitter more frequently.

Just a few new & old photos for you.

Left: My trusty ipod, named “snuggles,” still complete with the protective tape on the screen that Tyler gave me my senior year of high school.  Also, still a little sticky from a gum-explosion-in-purse earlier this year.  It was time.

Right: My new ipod, named “snuggles shuffle,” 2GB of music in a tiny green bean with a clip.  The best part?  The little guy only cost about $30. 

Left: My purple Samsung Razor flip phone.  Love at first sight but, alas, its day had come.

Right: My new Samsung Fascinate in all its smart phone glory. Beauty at its best.  Let it also be known that my mom, dad, and stepmom have all had smart phones for at least a year. It was time.

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