Life As I Know It


Maybe it’s the melody, or the lyrics, or just his voice, but “Rosalyn” by Thad Cockrell has been haunting me.  I went to the Bluebird Cafe earlier this week for the very first time (even though I’ve been in Nashville for over six years now!!) to see Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes.  Along with them were two other amazing songwriters – Jonathan Singleton and Thad Cockrell.  They performed and told stories in the round, and each was uniquely amazing.  And for whatever reason, this one melody has stuck with me for the rest of the week — I just new I had to share it with you!

I have IT issues in my life, so click the photo to link to a video of Thad Cockrell singing “Rosalyn.”

“Rosalyn, don’t you know the sun will shine on you again?
No matter how small the flame, against the darkness, don’t you know the light will win?”

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