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Personalized Koozie Party Gifts + Napkin Folding

Just in time for the fourth of July, here is a great party gift from Carli.  She hosted a surprise birthday cookout for her man this weekend, and as favors to her guests made personalized koozies.  This is absolutely perfect for your cookouts next weekend.  If you have just a few people coming over, then buy yourself some patriotic koozies and decorate with foam letters.  If you have a lot of people, then just provide the supplies and let your guests create their own.  Easy and adorable.

To dress it up even more, wrap your guests’ plastic utensils in coordinating napkins, and finish with ribbon.  I’m not a pro napkin folder, but I came up with this super simple fold that seemed to work just fine for this task.

Placing your napkin in front of you so that it looks like a diamond, fold the left corner in just past the center.

Fold the left side in a second time.

Fold up the bottom (I used the plastic knife as a ruler to make sure they would stick out the way I wanted them to).

Last, fold the right side in the same way you did with the left.

Complete with a matching ribbon!  Too easy, and too fun.

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