Life As I Know It

Part 7: One Last Night…Sort Of

After leaving the work site that Thursday afternoon, we gathered our things, got back on the boat, and met our bus in Panahachel.  Initially, we were going to spend a bit of time shopping and socializing in Panahachel, but we opted to skip it and hit the road so we could get to Antigua sooner.  We planned to leave Guatemala the next morning, so we wanted to be sure to have some time at the Antigua markets, which would close up by six, and probably not open before nine the next morning.  So, after a quick stop at the most amazing chocolate shop you’ve ever been in, we hit the road to Antigua and arrived with a solid two hours for the market.

Once we settled in to our hotel, Hotel Entre Volcanes (you’ll find this ironic when you read the next paragraph), we went out for a great dinner at a very modern tex-mex type place.  Antigua is almost European in style, with cobblestone roads leading to almost any time of restaurant you could imagine.  About half of the group went out to a club after dinner.  Those of us who went back to hotel declared, half-heartedly, “yeah, if we were going to be in Antigua for more than one night, maybe I’d go out…but I’m so tired tonight.”

I woke up on Friday morning to whispers in the hallway.  With a light knock on the door, Jennifer delivers the news to Claire and me.  “So,” she said, “we’re not going to be flying out today…A volcano erupted in Guatemala City last night, and covered the airport with ash.”

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