Life As I Know It

Keeping Positive

Today is Tuesday.

Group morale: Medium-Low

At this point, we have only spent four extra nights in Guatemala than planned.  We are looking at another five.  We found out yesterday that the airport will not open tomorrow as we hoped, and our flights have been bumped to Sunday.

It is unreal, to say the least.  Just twenty minutes from where we are staying, entire towns have been devastated by mudslides.  Five members of our group stumbled upon the opportunity to help yesterday.  Their task was to poke through knee-deep mud looking for a missing five-year old girl.  They were not able to find her, but came back shell-shocked from the devastation just up the road.

The combination of seeing the destruction, and finding out about our further delay, left us a bit down last night.  We also learned yesterday that Pacaya erupted again.  Today, we are looking into the option of flying out of El Salvador, though the earliest departure would still be Friday.

This morning, as I read on the roof of the hotel, I stumbled on the line, “The things that go wrong often make the best memories.” This may be a bit of an extreme circumstance, yet I think there are reasons to stay positive.  A few that come to mind…

1. I paid the rent before I left.

2. Antigua is not flooded.  In fact, it is sunny and beautiful.

3. We get to leave the damage.

4. I have a book, clothes, and a credit card.

5. My job will still be there when I get back, in spite of my guilt for being gone.

There are many, many others, that I am sure will come to mind once I am finally on a plane home.  For now, keep us and all Guatemalans in your thoughts and prayers.

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