Life As I Know It

On The Bright Side…We ARE Nashville.

I know that this has already had oodles of media coverage, but I just can’t help but write more about the flooding here in Nashville.  Let’s talk about some positive developments that have come up since Monday.

We are finally receiving some national attention: the president has declared us a disaster area, which means we will be getting some FEMA aid.  And, since the insurance companies wouldn’t sell flood insurance to most of the victims (since they “weren’t in a flood plain”) people without flood insurance are also being allowed to apply for individual FEMA funding.  This is all very, VERY good news.

Meanwhile, our city is banding together like crazy… 

  • Clinics are offering free tetanus shots for anyone who has been volunteering;
  • Restaurants are donating proceeds and offering discounts to people who have given to the cause;
  • The community is conserving water;
  • People are writing amazing blog posts;
  • Hands On Nashville, which has been coordinating volunteer efforts, has had over 11,000 volunteers sign up…that’s all within 48 hours.  Like, their system has shut down multiple times because it’s been so overloaded with people.  How awesome? 

I also can’t help but think of the news reporters, construction workers, police officers, firefighters, electricians, city workers, and general handymen who are working nonstop.  My dad instilled in me a deep love and respect for these people long ago, and I admire the amazing work they do everyday, but especially these days.

If you want to keep a more informal eye on the goings-on here in the south, I recommend reading The Nashvillest or following them on Twitter (@nashvillest).  If you want to give, we’ve been told to give directly to Hands On Nashville instead of the Red Cross to ensure that it’s being used for immediate needs.

 Ok, that’s it for now.  Just asking for prayers, donations, time…any love you can send our way is needed! And, on the bright side, We Are Nashville.

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