Life As I Know It

Praying for Nashville

It’s been sort of a crazy 2010 so far here in Nashville.  In January/February we had way more snow and ice than we know how to handle.  And now this weekend, we’ve had record breaking rains and devestating floods.  It’s already the wettest May in history, and it’s only May 3.

{photo via The Tennessean}

For those of you not in Middle Tennessee (and I suppose those of you who are, too) I’m asking that your thoughts and prayers be with the folks here who have lost everything.  A coworker’s friend’s parents drowned because they were too frail and elderly to find higher ground.  Another coworker, who has a baby on the way, has a completely destroyed home.  People’s cars are submerged and piled on top of each other. We were lucky that our house did pretty well, and we never lost power, cable, or internet.

{photo via The Tennessean}

You can see a series of photos here, and to lighten the mood a little, I’ll follow suit and post this awesome video our friend, Seth Jones, put together yesterday.

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