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A Year in Review, Part 1: Crafting

I’ve decided to do “A Year in Review” this week, and I’ve broken it into four pieces: Crafting, Food, Photography, and my 101 list.  I started this blog in August of 2008, and it took me a bit to get a feel for what I wanted it to be.  Now that I’m in a rhythm, I feel like it’s a good time to look at my favorite posts of the year.

In honor of Crafting Monday, I’m posting three of my favorite crafting projects from the past year.  Don’t see something you like?  Maybe it’ll show up on my 101 list review…

First, my mom and I took the time to give my desk space a crafty makeover.  It has weathered even more updating since then, but here are the before and after pictures from the makeover weekend.



Second, I made pretty paper flowers that still live on our mantle.  I didn’t take the greatest photos of them, and would take some right now if I were in Nashville, but I’m not, so here’s just a fuzzy glimpse to give you an idea:

And third, also relating to flowers, I made Juju a wedding rehearsal bouquet out of the ribbons from her shower (which were, conveniently, mostly from Pottery Barn):

Get excited for favorite foods tomorrow!!

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