Life As I Know It, Thoughts in the Faith

Folding Your Underwear.

I’m warning you now: this analogy might be too much for some of you to handle.

If you ever asked me, I would never say that I really dislike folding laundry.  It seems painless, mindless, productive.  Yet every time I fold laundry, I come to detest it.  For one thing, it always takes way longer than I think it will.  And somehow I always manage to break a slight sweat (probably all that toasty laundry).  So really, by the time I get to socks and underwear–which always seems to be last–I’m in no mood to be folding.  So I would say 9 out of 10 times, I do not fold my underwear.  Sorry mom, but most of the time, it just all gets thrown in the drawer.  No one sees it anyway (in my drawer or on my bottom) and who cares if it’s wrinkly!

But that 1 out of 10 time that I DO fold it, I really feel so much better.  I wake up each morning for the next couple of weeks and open my drawer to an organized, colorful, clean array of bottoms.  And for a moment, life is a little better, and it was thanks to one little thing that I did a little differently.

Sometimes I think this is a little bit like the way God works in our life.  I believe in free will, but I also believe that God can intervene now and again.  Maybe 9 out of 10, or maybe 9999 out of 10000 times, he doesn’t interfere with what I do.  He lets it happen–he lets me choose.  He knows what I will do, but he lets me figure it out while he says, “it’s ok.  it doesn’t matter if your choices are wrinkly.  it doesn’t matter if others see them or not.  I’m here and it’s ok for you to make your own choice.”  But then there is that one time.  Maybe it’s only one time my whole life, or maybe it’s once a week or once a day.  I guess I can’t really know where God intervenes.  But even when He lets me be, He’s still right there, loving and encouraging.

Ok, maybe that’s a stretchy analogy, but this is honestly what I was thinking about as I folded laundry the other day.  God’s ok with your life getting a little wrinkly sometimes.

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