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Crafting Monday: Quick DIY Mail Sorter

When we moved into our house last year, we had three committed roomies and one short-term. So everything we got was in threes. In November, we added Roomate L, and have done our best to add a fourth to everything. But we failed in one place: a mail sorter. Now, Roomates L and W are moving out, and two new friends are moving in. So Roomate K and I committed to solving our problem. Here’s the quick and easy craft that came of it.

First, we bought two of these super cheapies from Michael’s:

5.31.09 012

Then Roomate K and I painted them, and some equally-cheap wooden letters to create our little masterpiece: A mail sorter for four (complete with our initials!).

5.31.09 028

Now all we have to do is get it on the wall, get some mail, and get Roomate K2 moved in!!

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