101 in 1001, Mmm...Food...

#94: Have a romantic Valentines dinner

Now, what I am about to describe might not be considered typically romantic, but it certainly worked for us!  Boyfriend and I decided last minute that we would go camping on Saturday night (Valentine’s day) and though neither of us are very well-versed in the art of camping, we were determined to do our best.  And we were rockstars!  We arrived, set up a tent, started a fire, and then proceeded to our special Valentine’s dinner.  We started with cheese, sausage, and wheat thins as an appetizer as the sun went down.  Yum!  Then, we made tacos–yep!  We managed to stick our meat-filled skillet over the open fire, added a little seasoning, and voila.  Once that was complete, we assembled our shells, cheese, meat, and veggies.  Delicious!  And of course, we completed our meal with s’mores and champagne.  Perfection.

What made this dinner romantic was not that it was a beautiful steak dinner at a candlelight table.  Several details made it romantic: we were out under the stars, we had planned it out and it worked, and most importantly we were together, laughing and talking about all of life’s joys.  To top it all off, we got our fire going again in the morning, and made eggs mixed up with some extra meat and cheese.  We even managed to boil water for tea.  I think I’ve had enough red meat to last a week, but I am so grateful for it!!

Enjoy a photo of my egg-cooking attempts, and note our awesomely assembled tiny A-frame tent in the background!


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